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Sale Now On!'s Collateral Carl review

Today released their "Collateral Carl"  Custom Minifigure which we talked about earlier this week (here). At The Daily Brick we are reviewing this revolutionary minifigure. 

The description states, 
"In every battle there are winners and losers… and then there’s Collateral Carl! With two left feet there wasn't a Landmine Carl couldn't inadvertently discover, such a ‘talent’ wasn't going to go to waste, so Colonel Kraus immediately sent him to the front of the battalion to run point and well, the rest is history. It's two figures in one!" 

After purchasing the £17.95 minifigure on, you'll recieve it in 3-20 days, (depending on where you live & and what delivery service you choose) the first thing you'll notice is the detailed package it comes in, the package has the red "reversible" strip,´s logo, images of both sides of the minifigure, and it's name. 

Collateral Carl - German Soldier - LEGO Minifigure

After you open it, and pick up the minifigure, you'll quickly notice it has 2 sides. In one, Collateral Carl is horribly injured, in the other he's healthy and ready to fight.

Collateral Carl - German Soldier - LEGO Minifigure

When buying this minifigure, you get 18 "Minibucks" which you can use to buy other minifigures at

The minifigure includes a walking stick (To use with the injured side) and a custom gun (To use with the healthy side).

The minifigure comes packaged with his healthy side, so, to use the injured you only have to pop both arms out and put (Healthy side) left arm in the right side, and rotate legs and helment, and there you have it! Your healthy Collateral Carl just got injured and is now using a cane and is missing an arm. 

UPDATE: The Minifigure is now out of stock.
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