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Sale Now On!'s Collateral Carl is known for the quality and design of their custom figures, their clients include; Pixar, Google, Microsoft, Fox Studios, Blocks Magazine and the London Excel Center
The AFOL team has created a new Minifigure concept unlike any other. Staying true to their goal of  only producing figures that LEGO doesn't produce, they have created an entirely new genre of figure design; Reversibles. The first of which; Collateral Carl, is due to Launch this Friday (26th of June).
When asked about the concept, Danny from said: “We wanted to inspire and surprise our customers and enhance the playability of our Minifigures. The reversible figures do this perfectly because you’re not just getting one figure any more, you’re getting multiple figures in one. So your imagination can run wild.”img16
He continues “We don’t just display our figures, we play with them. Collateral Carl is a great example of how this big kid mind-set drives our creativity. We didn’t just want a soldier to make our shelf look awesome, we wanted one that would go to battle, fight epic wars and emerge beaten and broken or victorious, the choice was ours. That’s the beauty of the figure and the concept in general, is that the choice really is yours. The figure is no longer a one trick pony, let your imagination go wild. If you pop off an arm, it reveals a wound. Rotate the head and he’s bandaged up. He also comes with multiple accessories so that you act out what ever scenarios you have in mind. Its play at its best because you’re not confined to our ideas of what the figure can be used for, you can make up and act out your own ideas. “
The Reversibles are still in its infancy, but it is a new wave of perfectly designed and detailed minifigures from, the likes of which have never been seen before. With full 360 designs spread in every single part of the figure's body, including the torso's sides, legs and double sided head, has proven they can make anything come to life.
The first in the line-up is called "Collateral Carl" and will be released later this week, so head over to and register to their newsletter, subscribers get a 10% off for new figures during launch. is an independently owned and run team of 6 AFOLs, they have no connection to the LEGO group and despite they genuine LEGO parts they're figures are not LEGO minifigures.
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