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Star Wars Rumored Set List

Brick Finder on their Facebook page has published an image which lists most LEGO Star Wars rumored sets! The image is followed by this description:
 “There have been much speculation as to what would be the next wave of Star Wars sets to appear. Wait no longer as some of the upcoming sets information has been released!"
You can see the image after the break.


The Force Awakens sets have two names we haven’t heard before. One of the sets is listed as the Battle on Takodana. I don't remember having heard that name before. Maybe it's a new planetary system we'll get to know in the new movie.                                                  
The other is listed as The Pirate Transport. Which indicates that we might just encounter a few space pirates in the movie!
We have some for the original trilogy. We are looking at two sets in particular, Hoth Attack and the Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber. This would be the second time Bespin was featured in a set, the first being LEGO Cloud City (10123). “Hoth Attack” could be a reference at the upcoming playset to replace The Battle of Endor.”
We also have a set for the Prequel Trilogy, this being Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor. 
The Star Wars Rebels sets are all microfighters from vehicles used in the series.
Last but not least, there are 2 Star Wars Battlefront sets. Called Star Wars Battlefront Battle pack 1 and 2. This sets will come in addition to EA's new Battlefront game.

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